Browser popup blocker resource usage comparisons?

Greeting Earth Clan :hello:

Have questions about chrome and firefox browser extension/add-on popup blocker's resource usage....

Anybody know any benchmark-type comparisons (or even personal testing/experiences) of browser's resource utilization?

Even more specifically, browser's resource utilization with different pop-up blocker add-on/extensions?

I recently have switched to chrome because firefox was literally bogging down resources so much it was ridiculous. I frequently had RAM 80%+ used and CPU over 60% at times (of course other stuff is using up resources too: Have 4GB RAM, after restart my RAM is usually around 45% used without anything but startup/background processes) Now, I am guilty of doing some major multi window/multi tab browsing, but the memory usage would just continue to escalate without even doing anything - suppose memory leaks I guess?

Anyways, I'm looking for benchmarks and personal input on which browser may be best for using less resources. As well as how much popup blockers may be contributing to resource hogging - and which popup blockers have the smallest resource utilization....

THANKS for your input!!!
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  1. that's pretty specific. perhaps you can run some tests with different add-ons and post your results. I have always used Ad-Block Plus for both Firefox and Chrome and have never had any issues and I've got a 5 year old laptop!
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