Zalman 9700 - Should I use AS5 or Zalman Thermal Grease...

I am replacing my stock Intel HSF on my e6850 with a Zalman 9700. I know the Zalman comes with its own thermal grease but I was wondering if I would be better suited with using AS5 instead? Any suggestions?


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  1. The Zalman grease performs on par with AS5 and is much easier to work with.
  2. I agree with above posters to just use what comes with the product as the Zalman thermal compound is just fine and performs pretty well.

    Just as a side note if you are looking for max possible thermal reduction (short of using metalic compounds which could cause shorts if not used carefully) then use Shin-EtsuMicroSi. As far as regular thermal "pastes" go it's the best by about 2-3C usually. Been using it for about two years now on all my builds both personal and business related. :)
  3. Thanks guys....I figured that would be the answer. As noted it seems like it would be much easier to work with because of the brush.
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