Online chat with sony told me to do bios reset but f2 doesnt do anything.

my computer has been taking like 5 times to start up. sometimes randomly shuts down and runs really bad. i got online chat with sony. they first said to do bios reset. f2 didnt do anything so they said back up and do system recovery. any advice :(
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  1. When you say it takes several times to start up, where is it failing?
    When it randomly shuts down, does it stay off, or does it restart?
    Do you see a BSOD?
    What kind of computer is this?
  2. sony viao vgc-ra710g. it will turn on but not boot up.
    when it shuts down it says go to power save then shuts down. when i do get it to start it sometimes says savedump.exe
  3. Go to the power options, and change the power options as you see fit.

    If it doesn't boot up, where is it hanging?
  4. Hello
    What Sony has developed new products?
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