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Why does every application i install try to connect to the internet?

Hello everyone, hope everything's good :)
i have a weird problem which i'm gonna share here. I use windows 7 home premium SP1 64 bit on my HP laptop (came pre-installed with win 7, windows updates automatically installed SP1).
Lately, every application i install, wants to connect to the internet. I have a white-listing firewall which blocks everything not specified in firewall rules, and I keep getting these pop-ups "Avira internet security 2012 has blocked application xxxxxxx from accessing the internet, define a firewall rule if you need this application to connect" (something like this).
Applications which most definitely don't need internet connectivity, like offline single playes video games (Risen2, NFS the run) and applications like HDDLife SATA health monitor, even my visual basic IDE (visual studio 6) and trivial stuff like the kmplayer, jetaudio, vlc player, and office 2010 (i have auto updates off in every application, only "windows updates" are installed automatically..
While i'm using these, i get random pop-ups every now and then, avira has blocked internet access to this application.
What's wrong? why do these things need internet connectivity? are they trying to phone home? *confused*.
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    if they run fine while the internet is blocked from the app then i wouldnt worry about it. some apps/games download ads or check for updates, etc.
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  3. hello nhasian,
    thank you so much for your reply :)
    neither do I care as long as the apps work fine. i asked cause i was interested in knowing what's going on under the hood :)
    thanks, hope i'll hear from you when i run into a PC problem again :)
    Tom's is the best, much better than CNET :)
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