Cannot Delete The Directory Is Not Empty

This problem started about 2 weeks ago. I have a Dell Computer. I store iTunes, excel, Word files and my external drive (E)

This is the sticker on my drive (E)
P/N: 31770000
One day I was deleting my folder “Bob” from (E) so that I could paste the up-dated folder "Bob". Folder "Bob" did delete and it's name was changed to When I tried to delete, a message came back: Cannot Delete Directory not empty. So I opened in that folder was I got to folder xxx and a message came up: Drive E not formatted, would you like to format it now? [YES or NO] I selected No. I don’t want lose the one iTune that I can’t transfer from E drive to C drive. That is something I did not mention. I’m sure that it is not important. I was going take everything out of drive E and put it on drive C. I wanted to attempt fixing this problem by reformatting drive E. This one iTune does not transfer onto drive C and is no longer available. Does any one have an idea how to fix drive drive E- get rid of
Thank you.

This is the stickers on my tower.
Sticker 1:
Window XP Professional 1-2CPU
(Bar Code) 0932HY
Product Code: TM9B3-C9VG2-HPKTR-8VR8C-YBC28
(Bar Code) 00045-465-802-231

Sticker 2:
Service Tag:363K441
Express Service Code:6899121361
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  1. What do you mean by When you delete bob it should either put it in the Recycling bin or completely erase it.
    What iTune file are you talking about? An install version or a file iTune uses?
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