Help with CPU O/C and RAM choice!

Hey all,

Firstly I want to say hi to everyone :) quick info about myself;
I'm a student at college in my 3rd year and I'm doing B-TEC Ict ^^
I've been a 'gamer' for 5-6years now and slowly gaining technical experience which right now, it stumped!
I've been reading up on RAM and what 'CAS' is but it's gone over my head which is annoying me so I've come here for some help on my progressional upgrade :)

Right, to the point ;)
My current system specs are as follows;

Vista 32 Ultimate
M2N32-SLI Deluxe
AMD (AM2) 64 3800+ (running at 2.41)
2x Corsair 1GB DDR2 PC6400 5-5-5 12 800MHz
Some Zalaman fan.. it's huge and cost 30quid at the time (If even relevent)

I'm after getting the AMD 5000+ Black Edition and what I've read on this site, I will o/c it to 3.3..some how! (Will need a hand with that) I'm also after 2gb of extra ram but here's the problem! Is 5-5-5 12 good? What's better/worse? (Laymans terms please! :P ) and can I mix the..erm 5-5-5 12 with something else?
This is also a progressive upgrade with me being a student and all. I've also came to the conclusion (By reading and by word of mouth) that Intel CPU's are better than AMD? Could some-one clarify this for me? This is a games machine (If you haven't already guessed) and I am looking to upgrade the graphics card next year depending if any improvements of the 8800GT's are availble by March/April time.
I am on a budget and I've looked at the Intel MOBO's and CPU's which the price scared me! I will prehaps (when I get a job) change to Intel and get something rather snazzy but I can't afford that at the moment.



p.s I was clueless as to where I should stick this but this looked like my best bet
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