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The thread topic says it all (basically).

I'm working on eventually saving up for the 'good stuff', the Adobe Web Design Premium CS6 software collection, but as most of us know, Adobe software costs an arm and a leg (make it that much harder to use when you do get it!). However, until then, I've been meaning to put my skills learned from my classes to use and was wondering if anyone knows of some good free alternatives in the meantime? I'm using Gimp 2.8 as my image editor, it's more an HTML/PHP editor I'm looking for.

I've tried Aptana Studio in the past, however, it's more recent versions leave little to be desired and the version that's meant for web design is horribly outdated. Great software that's in need of a little love kind of thing!

And if you don't have any recommendations here, if you could recommend me to a 'legit' web design forum to ask the question, that would be equally as helpful. Thanks Tom's readers!
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  1. All you need is Bluefish http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html
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  2. I like Geany.

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  3. Meh most web IDEs are slow.

    Just use Notepad++. It'll give you syntax highlighting etc without running like a dog.
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