DDR2 PC5300 running at 333MHz?

Hi I have a matched pair of Kingston Value RAM KVR667D2N5K2/1G DDR 2 PC5300 totaling 1GB running on a Foxconn P4M9007MB-8RS2H but in the BIOS it is listed as running at 333MHz.

VDIMM Voltage =1.90v
CPU Clock = 133MHz
FSB Frequency = 133MHz
DRAM Frequency = 333MHz

As this board supports DDR 2 5300 and the RAM is rated at 667MHz shouldn't the DRAM Frequency be 667MHz?
Thanks Baz
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  1. Hi,

    this is Double Data Rate ram.

    333x2 = 667mhz

    DDR2-800 (DDR 2 6400) is 400x2 = 800mhz
  2. OK so all is well then

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