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my pc asrock 939dual sata2 2gig ddr400 ram, just had s/hand athlon dual core 4800 cpu put in from single, now freezes often, then freezes on boot 3/4 times comes up with boot failed to start load last good setting
occasionally get numerous start up beeps to fast to count could be7/8, geforce 6600 card 512,
coincidence? card going faulty or cpu??
please help with any suggestions, pc was good before,
ps no video signal to monitor on occasions which is 8 beeps, but would this freeze pc??
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  1. be sure the BIOS version supports the 4800X2. Check the MB online product page, google the MB if you don't know. Also, try defaulting the BIOS by removing the MB battery and resetting the CMOS jumper. Instructions are in the MB manual.
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