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I´ve got an AMD 3200+,1 Gb Ram and I need a new graphic card.I don´t play games,just use Word,Excell,Adobe Photoshop and Internet,so I was thinking buying the Asus 8400.I don´t know if the video will be a bottleneck for my system,my dealer says is a good video card for the price.What you,guy´s,suggest?
Is it a good graphic for my system? :hello:
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  1. For what you're doing, it's fine.
  2. And for games?Is it not good enought or is sufficient for a few games?
  3. I think it's good enough to play solitair and maybe, just maybe, pinball with lower details. hehe!
    Just jocking mate. Actually, no. That card is NO GOOD for gaming at all. Even if you had a high end system (and you have an old, low end system), it still wouldn't be able to play games. Unless maybe you play 3-4 year old games and games older than that. Then it would be ok I guess.
    Any other opinions?
  4. Thank you.
    That´s all I wanted to know!just one more question:The Asus 8500GS is more suitable for my system,or just my system is too low end-single processor-and is better to keep the 8400GS?
    BTW,my board is an Abit AN8
  5. find best / good directX 9 card instead...they are like "last year" AMG or M series
  6. An 8400 GS will work well for you, and you WILL be able to play games at lowered detail 1024x768.
  7. I don´t understand very well the advantage of playing games at high detail´s.Why?the graphics runs faster?
  8. High detail & high resolution = clear and pretty

    low detail & low resolution = blurry and not pretty
  9. AH,now I understand!That´s why most kids spend so much money on video cards.On a Portuguese forum,that I´m menber,many kids give 300-400 Euros for a video card.Video cards like 8600 or 8800 and so on!
    BTW,before having the 8400GS I had had an Abit Radeon X600XT,that burned because of the original cooler!The dealer told me that the Asus 8400 was so good or better than the Abit X600XT that I had before,but I´m not sure!The Abit were two times more expensive!
  10. Asus EN8400GS 512 MB is a great card. it runs nicely undercover, red alerat3, crisys, cod 4/5, fifa09, left4dead etc new gen games. u can also check this cards strength...................>>>>>>>>
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