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I have not reopened my other thread that has been solved for the most part in having Realtek drivers now installed over the windows 7-ones that came with the 32 bit Ultimate. The sounds have improved greatly, but there is still less quality then what it was with XP. I would like to learn further and find appropriate drivers or software to enhance and bring out the rich bass and loud instruments. WMP 12 doesn't have sound, but videos are nice and better pictures. You tube videos play alright as does other sites that has players or use You Tube or Viehmo, etc...There appears to be a lot of issues with WMP according to my own research.

If any ideas as to how I can get going w/finding how I can get regular sound as good as before with XP, lay it on and thanks alot and within this weekend, I can check back for any possible replies.

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  1. have you tried installing a codec pack, they can improve sound, plus it will alow you to play them in wmp123

    personally i perfer shark codecs (download the win7 and then x64 one)

    it tells you in there little program when there are updates and it allows you to asociate files with wmp12 and will turn the settings back to what they were when you uninstall it

    "k-lite codec pack" is good but i perfer the one above
  2. you might want to get something better than WMP

    windows media player classic

    are both free and fairly good, not to mention fairly simple and light on resources.

    as shanky said, codecs would help with something like videos or encoded audio files, typically they won't affect mp3/wma/similar playback.

    also, you want to look on the equalizer/advanced settings on your sound card to get the better sound settings.
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