Video corruption after playing games on 8800gts

Whenever I play games (or do anything involving 3d acceleration), if I try to run videos afterwards, the video is black, save for highlites which are burnt out in vivid red or blue. The error clears when I restart.

Of interest to you may be the fact that with the divX player, the video plays fine, but I get no sound. Hrm. VLC, MPC and WMP all play with the same black screen with blue and red highlights. I am using the 162.18 driver.

8800GTS 320
2g ram
winXP SP2


So after installing the 163.71 beta drivers, instead of getting the black with red and blue, I now get the gamma correction error where all my videos that I play (in VLC, MPC or WMP) after running a game are now super light until I open the color correction dialog. If I close the video and open another one, though, the error returns. Oh, and after playing games, divX player still has no sound, but will play the video itself unmolested.

Again, restarting seems to fix it.

I'm stumped and the only thing I could find on this were two other users that reported the same problem but didn't have a workaround.

Any ideas?
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  1. Well typically these things are driver issues or else directx issues. I see you already got the newest drivers and your still having the problem. Try getting the latest version of directx 9.0c September redistribute is out I think. See if that helps.

    I would suggest you try out 3dmark2001/03/05 and 06 see if it is 3d mode itself as well to test.

    The only thing I can suggest after that is to reinstall xp to rule out any previously installed programs/driver version conflicts etc. Basically do a fresh install, install drivers and 3dmark or some other 3d test/game.

    If after that you still get the same exact results/symptoms odds are your video card has some issues especially in 3d mode. It will need to be rma'd/replaced.

    I haven't had any problems like this and I do have a very similiar system as yours, except I use vista now.
  2. So just for followup, I wiped the HD and restarted from scratch. It's a new computer so it was no big thing. I went through step by step and set up restore points to check my progress, When I did anything new I would check for the error, and restore back if I found it. The results indicate that this was a driver conflict problem, though I cannot say for sure what or where.

    Anyway, here are the steps I took:

    -Installed the default factory drivers
    -Installed the audio drivers
    -Installed DirectX 9.0c
    -Installed SP2
    -Installed the latest drivers

    and everything seems good so far. I think the problem was that I had installed the lastest video drivers before upgrading to SP2 and before Installing the latest DirectX, but that's just me speculating about nothing.

    I'm just glad I did.t have to RMA or suffer through it.

    Next step: OCing the CPU, GPU and getting tighter timings on the ram
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