E6750 - First OC good?

Hey guys... just did my first OC and was wondering how it looks? Everything seems safe and stable to me. I still need to run Prime overnight to verify for sure.

Sys Specs
Asus P5K
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB DDR2-800
EVGA 8800gt
**Stock Cooling**

Final OC
3.4ghz @ (8x425)
Vcore = 1.400v
CPU-z = 1.304v (loaded)
CoreTemp 0.95 = 50C

So if I'm reading the temperature guide correctly, I still have another ~20C to play before I start to enter the danger zone? Just wanted to confirm before I pushed this any further on the stock cooler.

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  1. Cyclo, considering your settings, 50c Core temperature is quite cool for a stock cooler.

    Are you using Core Temp Beta 0.95.4?

    Have you validated Tjunction using Crystal CPUID as shown in Section 9 of the Guide?

    Have you calibrated Tcase and verified Tcase to Tjunction Delta?

    Have you tested for Load temperatures using Prime95 with Small FFT's, and not with Blend?

    Comp :sol:
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I thought things were quite cool for a stock cooler, which is why I was kinda iffy and made the post. I was not running the latest version of core temp. I was running small FFT.

    After I got 0.95.4, I saw temps hit 65C. I have not yet callibrated as per section 9. I just wanted to do a safe OC until I got a better heatsink.

    Is it safe to assume I have another 10C to go until I hit the 'warm' mark? Without doing the callibrations I think I'll call it quits at this temperature until I get a better heat sink and callibrate.
  3. Cyclo said:
    Is it safe to assume I have another 10C to go until I hit the 'warm' mark?

    Yes, that's correct.
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