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hey I have been in some sort of confusion....I am planning to invest on a 8800GT but i heard that sometimes due to overheating the card causes system to crash. now after going through loads of review i have found out that the card comes with a default fan setting of 30% or something and in order to prevent the crashing i must increase the fan speed to 60%. Ok that is all fine but that is where the real problem lies...i heard from source that increasing the fan speed can kill the fan of the grpahics i am very confused over this cuz i cant afford a zalman coolong fan ATM. Any solutions

Francis 07
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  1. I recommend downloading rivatuner from It's a great utility for overclocking, setting fan speeds and monitoring gpu temps. Link:

    This tool will allow you to set up a sort of stepping function on your fan. Meaning that the speed of the fan will increase as the need for cooling increases using temperature points to activate different fan speeds. So, your fan can idle at whatever speed you are comfortable with and will increase speed under stress in order to keep your gpu temp down.

    The guide for setting up fan profiles is here:

    Hope this helps, and good luck.
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