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Ok, so heres whats up. I just finished building my system. I get freezes where windows xp sp2 locks up, but i am still able to move mouse, alt-tab. etc. ctrl alt del doesnt work though. I end up having to restart the machine with power button. Heres the error im getting in the system log:

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation. (error ID 51)

I look around on yahoo, but couldnt find much help. From what ive found, others experiencing the same problem have a nForce mobo, not nessessarily the same as mine tho. Im running an nForce 780i.

nForce + core2(duo/quad) + sata hdd = freeze

Any ideas on how to fix this or whats happening?
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  1. are you using MSwindows drivers for hdd controller or nvidia? Is it IDE drive or SATA?
  2. nvidia drivers i believe (not sure). And SATA
  3. Well, I rolled back the Nvidia drivers for the SATA controller to the mircorosft drivers and disabled write caching on the hdd itself and the error hasnt appeard yet! (fingers crossed!) I have gotten one hdd bad block error when trying to install adobe cs3, but it didnt freeze the system up.
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