IDE to AHCI Switch?

Anyone having a problem switching from IDE to AHCI in windows 7, Use the Microsoft Auto Fix it Button. "MicrosoftFixit50470"
It will load AHCI Drivers from Windows, You then Reboot to Bios and change Drives to AHCI, Boot to Windows and it will complete the install.
I did it with a WD Black 1TB and a Plextor 890SA Optical, no problem. :bounce:
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  1. They must have added the fixit button recently. Most people just edit the registry key(s) listed in the "fix it myself" portion of that link.
  2. Yes, I saw the manual instructions, But I think it best "Some" might want to stay out of the registry (ha ha) Myself included.
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    I did the registry edit fix and had no issues at all. If you need a link I can go dig it up.
  4. Thanks, I also did it last night to see if it needed changing. It did not, I think the Microsoft Button did that too.
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