how drop down other voltages than Vcore on gigabyte motherboard


i have a GA-p35-ds4 board but don't seem to be able to lower my voltages except Vcore. all i can do is give them +xx
anyone knows how to lower them.

(which programs reads all my voltages, like nb sb,... )

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  1. You should be able to access advanced motherboard peripheral settings (I think that's the title) by pressing ctrl+f1 while in BIOS. This will give you access to voltage settings, memory timings, etc. Hope this helps.

    CPU-Z and sysoft sandra will both read voltage settings if I remember correctly.
  2. yes ctrl f1 indeed unlocks all memory settings

    BUT voltages are controllable but only upward +0.05, + 0.10 +0.15 +0.20 and so on. I can't seem to lower the voltages.that is were the problem lies as i want to lower them all to their minimum so i can oc to 3.2Gh safely.

    Any suggestions?
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