sorry if this has been asked before but....

sorry if this has been asked before, i couldn't spot anything in the FAQ akin to this situation
edit: to make it coherent: can you use a sata and an IDE HDD together? if so, what way would be best to increase capacity for me?
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  1. Im assuming you mean RAID them ?

    Bout the only way you can do this is off a motherboard (dont know of any rAid cards will SATA and IDE) ... current motherboards you will not be able to do it with... however, i know there are a few older motherboards (Asus P4P800-E Deluxe that i own) actually have there RAID chip enabled over SATA and IDE channel.
  2. Do you currently have Windows on an IDE drive and want to add storage to your computer with a SATA drive? You can just plug one in and format it and it will work just fine.

  3. Yes, if your question is can you have a HDD in SATA and PATA and access both at the same time. Buy SATA if you can, best all around. 500GB drives are the best bang for buck ratio right now.
  4. If your MoBo has both SATA and IDE prots, you can simply plug the new SATA drive in and away you go.
  5. ok thnx
  6. how old is your IDE drive? if it's more than a few years, i'd install windows on your new drive since it'll probably be faster and use the IDE as storage
  7. yeah, i think i will do that - i dont think its faster than 5,400 rpm....
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