No thumbnail on my video file

i clicked on thumbnail view in my folder to view thumbnail on my video file but it doesnt work.. what can i do?
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  1. Double-check to make sure your folder has the correct option selected. Afterward, depending on the size of the video file, it should load the first frame of the video in a few seconds.

    If that doesn't work, go to Folder Options > View. Near the bottom, check the box that says "Remember each folder's view settings."
  2. may be codec issue, try it after installing Klite codec pack
  3. Or if you don't like K-Lite, you can grab CCCP (makes me think of the Soviet Union for some reason ^^)

    1. K-Lite
    2. CCCP

    You don't need both, so just pick one. =P
  4. @Lotri and manojgj, thank you for your reply and suggestions.. ;)

    i downloaded xp_thumbnail and it works, now i can see the thumbnail on my
    video files...
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