International shipping sites?

I am looking to get the following parts:



Hard Disk(HDD):


Sound card:

Graphics card:

Wireless Internet card:

Operating System:

Case: raven RV02-E

CPU Heatsink/Fan/Cooler: dh-14


Power Supply(PSU): Power & Cooling MK II 750W


However, Newegg doesn't ship internationally, and I need these shipped to Doha, Qatar.
Is there a site where I can get these parts at a similar price and have them shipped to where I live?
I have tried searching and found nothing, hence why I come to you :V
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  1. I had to same problem, i reside in Guyana South America, hard place to find on any map. Even harder to find computer components & the prices are exuberant if you did locate some decent parts. I thought i try Newegg but no overseas shipping. So i did some digging around & found a local shipping company called Laparkan, they do internet shopping & shipping. All i had to do was open a private US mailbox & a Paypal account. Now items i buy in the US are shipped to my US mailbox, Laparkan then calls me & asked how i would to like to ship my items, whether be Air or Ocean cargo.
    Only downsides being Air freight is very expensive but quick & if a newegg component did arrives DEAD ON ARRIVAL, i'm screwed.
    I guess your only option would be similar to mines & even if a service like Laparkan existed in Qatar of which i'm uncertain, Ocean freight to Qatar would take extremely long & Air extremely expensive. I hope i haven't scared you too much, but it is what it is. Good luck buddy
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