Undoing WIndows 7 boot on XP system after trial?

I'm considering doing a free trial of Windows 7 on a system that currently dual boots XP 32 bit and XP 64 bit. I know that adding Windows 7 will add or replace NTLDR (and BOOT.INI?).

My C partition is free of any other software other than just the boot files, is there a way to back this up before installing Windows 7 to make undoing this easier?

If not, if I boot from XP cd-rom and go into recover mode, will fixboot (and fixmbr if needed) restore the boot process to XP style or will I need to do more?
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  1. Does VMware work on XP? in which case build a virtual Win7 machine.

    What are your concerns about win7?
  2. Look into bcedit.
  3. Buy a new or used hard-drive, install Windows 7 on that. Easy fix no need to worry about messing up your XP setup.
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