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I overclocked my GPU core from 450Mhz OC'd to 527MHz and memory from 532MHz OC'd to 637MHz. now when I try to raise it up it fails the required test inorder to use the new settings. I think this is because I need to raise the voltage, now I've been looking around and found nothing about raising the voltage of the GPU. My card is a Geforce 6600OC 512MB PCI-E. Any one know how to do this?
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  1. Dunno if this article addresses increasing the voltage on your graphics card:
  2. Thanks, I'll go throw it to see. Looks promising though
  3. That link did help a lot It listed utilitys that lets you set your clock speeds with out a test. Some thing I noticed though when scanning with ATI Tools for artifacts it comes up with errors after 2minutes running any thing over that listed above. After I decided to just turn it back to the clockspeeds above same thing errors after a few minutes so now I'm lowering the clock speed. What do you think can cause these errors? My guess is the temp and maybe the voltage? durring the test my core temp hit 78C
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