Can i change my os japanese to os english

Hello, i want to change my windows xp japanese to english can u tell me the procedure plzzz
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  1. 1. Start
    2. Control Panel (Tablet with Check Mark icon)
    3. Date, Time, Regional and Language Options (Calendar + World icon)
    4. Regional and Language Options (World icon)
    5. Regional Options Tab (First tab) > set first drop-down to English
    6. Languages Tab (Second tab) > Settings (First tab) > English for input language (what you type on your keyboard)
    7. Advanced Tab (Third/last tab) > set first drop-down to English
  2. thnks 4 ur reply but there is nothing like this in english it s all in japanese
  3. You should be able to get to the Regional Options Tab, based on the instructions I gave you. I included the pictures that you should see.

    To set Regional Options to English (Step 5), in the drop-down menu, go to the very first option. Then hit the down arrow 51 times to get to English (United States).

    You can ignore Step 6 for now. It should be easier when you get to English.

    To set Advanced Tab to English (Step 7), select the drop-down menu and go to the first option. Then hit the down arrow 49 times to get to English (United States).

    I'd make a picture guide, but I'm kinda lazy. =x

    EDIT: Here's a LINKY that should clear things up, hopefully.
  4. hello i have brought an english os cd frm my frnd i decided to make a copy formy future refrece but he did nt allow me saying the windows will get corrupted if i make a copy of this original vista dvd is that true does the windows on the cd get corrupt if i make a copy nero in my cd
  5. I'm not sure about this, but Microsoft might have put some things on their CDs to ensure you don't just burn them.

    My copy of XP Pro is from Dell (OEM copy, I think) so I can install it on as many systems as I desire.
  6. An OEM Copy of Windows is licensed to be used only on the machine it came with. Installing anywhere else will be a violation.
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