E6750+P5KC help to get higher:)


I have been doing some overclocking on my computer. The problem is, that when i get over 4200MHz the computer restarts.

I have done the pencil mod to get the computer stable at 510x8=4080MHz with 1,66v (read with voltmeter) in bios it stays at 1,7v

But i want to get higher. I have the following settings in BIOS:

Ai Overclocking = Manual
CPU Ratio = Manual
- Ratio CMOS Setting = 8
FSB Frequency = 525
PCI-E Frequency = 100
DRAM Frequency = DDR2-1050
DRAM Timing Control = Manual
- 5
- 5
- 5
- 15
TWR= Auto
TRFC = Auto
TWTR = Auto
TRRD = Auto
TRTP = Auto
DRAM Static Read Control = Auto
DRAM Dynamic Write Control = Auto
Transaction Booster = Disabled
- Relax level = 3

Clock Over-Charging Mode = Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled
CPU Voltage 1,7
CPU Voltage Reference = 0,63x
CPU Voltage Damper = Enabled (but has no effect)
CPU PLL = 1,7
DRAM Voltage = 2,2
FSB Termination Voltage = 1,5
North Bridge Voltage = 1,55
North Bridge Reference = 0,67x

Hope that someone can help..

My system:

Intel Core2Duo E6750 G0
Crucial Ballistix PC8500
Antec TruePower Quad 1000W
Mach II Cooling
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  1. Can't set it higher than 1.7 vCore, right?
  2. Thats right and i can't get more than 1,66v with the pencil mod..

    I'm affraid that its the vcore that sets the limit here:(
  3. tvede_dk said:
    Thats right and i can't get more than 1,66v with the pencil mod..

    I'm affraid that its the vcore that sets the limit here:(

    I have a feeling it's vCore limited here... You might look for some mods or something, even a modded BIOS that willl let you set over a 1.7 vCore.

    Sucks though.. I know you have 4080 stable, but have you tried going up 8 MHz at a time (1 MHz FSB) to see exactly where it starts to error at?

    At that high clock voltage gets exponentially increased... great work on it, but I have a feeling you got about all you're going to get at 1.66 vCore.. :(
  4. If i set the vCore to 1,675 in bios i still get the same vCore with my voltmeter, so if I want more volt for the CPU i need to do some "real" vMods but the guarentee is gone:(
  5. Hello Guys i have a problem :/
    i have ASUS P5KC MB and 2xkigston KHX8500D1H2 1gb 1066 RAM
    when i set the dram frequency to 1066 i get an OC FAILED message and i reverts to 800
    i know i must set the DRAM VOLTAGE to 2.2 but the DRAM VOLTAGE option does not show in the juperfree configuration section, though it should according to the manual.CAN ANYBODY HELP ME???
    i am sorry if my responce is irrelevant but i really need help:/
    thank you in advance
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