My First Build....Suggestions and help needed. ")

Sorry to bother you all.

Hi i am Building my First system soon. As i am a poor studend i am on a budget of about £450.

I intend to use my system for Games, Upcoming games and games that are out now etc F.E.A.R I Would like it to be future proof for a year to 18 months.

I have put together a sytsem that seems ok and following some suggestions in another thread.



case and psu


optical drive



1. Are all of these compnents compatibale together?

2. Will the case be big enough for the components and especially the graphics card, will the psu be powerfull enough.

3. Do you reccomend an intel build instead? Also are there any areas where i can save money and not loose to much performance.

Any help will be greatly apprecaited.

Thank you all for reading ")
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  1. 1 - yes
    2 - size yes, psu I'm not sure about that. I'd get a brand name.
    3 - Depends, if you want to overclock, yes. Another thing is AM2+ mobos are coming out this or next month. If you get a P35 budget board like mine, it will last a generation or two. It supports 45nm & fsb 1333 cpus.
  2. Ok so suggest going with an intel p35 board and an intel processor, i would be interested in overclocking if i knew how to do it.

    But i can cross that Bridge when i come to it, the reason for the case and cpu is it saves me a bit of money tbh.

    Any other suggestions, as this is my first build will it be diifcult to put together?

    Thanks ")
  3. if you want your money to go for, get a p35 board and a cheap cpu like the e2160 and OC to 3ghz easily. AMD is slow and old!!
  4. Ok so i will go witht the intel board and chip.

    I will overclock, what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

    Also will everything still fit together, memory etc with the new board.

    Also can you see any bottle necks in the sytem?

    Cheer ")
  5. Con - Overclocking will void the warranty and shorten the lifespan of a part.

    Pro - Overclocking can save you money from buying a more expensive part.

    You don't have to o/c it if you don't want to. You can see if it's adequate for what you do. If not, o/c it a bit.

    The psu in the case you chose may not last long. May not even power on the parts you chose.


    Pick any brand name 425W+ PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 28A for 8800 gts. The amps info should be on the manufacturer's site.

    Pick a mid to full tower case with at least 2 120mm intake & exhaust fans.

    Pick any brand name PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM. This is a good start:

    They will fit.
  6. Hiper is a Tier-4 PSU, but the others akhilles listed are better. With your budget (about $900 USD?), a decent Intel system should be within reach, so I also agree with him about the P35 board. That will allow you to cheap-out on the CPU now, but upgrade later. Put your money where it matters most, in the GPU and PSU to power it all. Depending on future upgrade plans and on overclocking (which can use significantly more power), I would suggest that you should get 500W or more. Choose a PSU from tier-3 or better on this list:
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