Is it really worth the money?

I currently own and use a WD 400gb hdd, and i must say that i am very disappointed with the performance. I feel it is bottlenecking my pc. So i have close to $200 to spend and i was looking at the WD 750gb AAKS, which according to Tom's charts is the best price/performance and beats the 150gb raptor in almost all cases. Now these numbers that the charts show me don't really mean much to me.

So i am asking, based on experience, does either the WD 750gb or the 150gb raptor offer a significant performance increase over my 400gb? By significant, i mean a difference that i will clearly notice at first glance. I'm looking for faster response time, faster read/write, and even faster startup.

Please give me some advice on whether i should make a purchase, and if so what hdd should i buy?

Thank you all for your time.
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  1. Hello there, just bought 2 Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 (HDS721010KLA330) on the recommendation of this sites hard-drive stats, £290 for 2TB and fast access times seems reasonable to me, it all depends on your everyday use and what your pc is mainly used for, to me it seems crazy to spend £100-£120 on a 150gb raptor, just do what i did and study this sites hard-drive stats and then shop around to find a good price on the stats top 3.
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