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Like a week ago I noticed all of a sudden Firefox doesnt play videos like on youtube anymore or, pandora also doesnt work. That is all that I have noticed that stuff doesnt play on. But they do play on Google Chrome fine. I have tried messing around with my firefox to find out what is wrong with it and had everything updated and everything and still it would play videos. I have reinstalled firefox and now it still doesnt play so I figured id post here to see if anyone else has any ideas on what it could be.

When I go to youtube and click play on a video it says "An error occurred. Please try again later."
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  1. it sounds like you have a problem with the adobe flash player plugin. it works in chrome because chrome handles flash natively.
  2. I tried to uninstall and reinstall adobe flash but it didnt work
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  5. Thanks, I went down and tried everything on it and one of the last suggestions was to disable flash and try and watch it, which I did do on the last install and it didnt work. Though I did it just now and with it disabled it did play videos and then I enabled it again and it still plays videos.

    So idk what was going on with that but it works now.

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