Cdrom works in windows, but bios cannot find it

so recently my power supply went bad (probably due to power surge during the crazy rains we had recently). the motherboard's ethernet port stopped working as well. i replaced the power supply, but i have been unable to get local connection or internet. even tried putting in several different ethernet cards and none of them seem to work? what do you think is causing this? after trying all those ethernet cards, i figured, maybe i should re-install Windows XP, but now my BIOS cannot see or detect the CD-ROM drive even though it works just fine in windows. ARGH! any suggestions? and many thanks in advance.
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  1. may be the mother board get damaged , better check it,, or you just want to reinstall your xp mean, try to reset/update you bios & also check you cd drive manufacture for any firmware update available for you model,
  2. Though it's a bit late for this, be sure to have a surge protector between your wall outlet and your computer from now on.
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