what fan do i have?

I´m getting a new cpu 4800+ x2(old 3500+) and i´m wondering if my fan (Zalman) will work with it,i opend my box up but cant see any serial number on the fan to indicate what type it is.I found three fans on Zalmans website that look like my fan,2 of wich dosent say they support dual cores only one does.Is there any way to find ought what type of fan i have?
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  1. Try it and see. Put fan on max and go into BIOS and watch the temp over 15 - 20 min. If it steadies at less than 55C you could try booting Windows. If it passes 55C at idle you will need better rated cooler.

  2. Don't forget that you will need to clean off the old thermal compound and apply fresh material. See this post for more info: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/194385-31-part-assembly#t1184072
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