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I have an HP DV9030-US which is a 1.66 T5500 w/ 2GB of Ram. I want to expand to 3 or 4 gb but when I goto sites likes memory store and etc. its says maximum supported memory - 2GB. When I goto and look at the 945M chipset it says it supports up to 4gb of PC2-5300 ram. Are those site wrong or did intel upgrade the 945 chipstet and I just have an old one? Any help would be appreciated. Also, is it worth getting 4gb or should I just leave a 1gb stick and buy a 2gb stick since a 32bit OS won't take advantage of 4gb or will not running in dual channel seriously hurt my performance.

- Dave
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  1. The manufacturer doesn't have to design the laptop to fully make use of the chipset's capabilities. It might be an issue with supporting 2GB SODIMMs. If you're lucky, it's just that they haven't actually tested 3GB or 4GB, so that might work. Don't bother with trying for 4GB, because the OS won't recognize much more than 3GB, and it may cause problems with hardware mapped to addresses just under 4GB.
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