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Hi, I have got a windows server 2003 which for the last 3 years has been running low on space. Unfortunately, the monkeys who setup the server, only gave C: a 10gb partition, but with updates and essential applications, it leaves about 500mb. Which obviously soon goes down with logfiles etc.

Does anyone know how easy it would be to possibly ghost the hard drive? Would it be possible for me to take a ghost of the hard drive currently on the system, and then copy it to a say 100 or 1000gb hard drive replacement? Or would the 10gb partition mean that even when

Or is there a way of re-sizing the C: partition?
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  1. You can resize it with certain tools (Partition magic for example). Make a backup before you do though.
  2. Use Acronis True Image to clone the drive. You shouldn't need to repartition it in advance. It will do it automatically.
  3. Slobogob said:
    You can resize it with certain tools (Partition magic for example). Make a backup before you do though.

    You CAN NOT repartition in 2003 with partition magic.. it is not compatible..

    However!!.. There is Acronis Disk Director Server. I use this quite a lot as my main opsys is 2003. It is a bit pricey but you can always download a cracked copy, install, repartition, and uninstall. No big deal..

    It worth using if you are in 2003..
  4. bombasschicken said:
    You CAN NOT repartition in 2003 with partition magic.. it is not compatible..

    That is true, but you can fake out Partition Magic so that it will. :)

    1. Install Partition Magic and all updates on a Windows XP machine.
    2. Using that installed version of Partition Magic, make bootable media from it (either floppies or a bootable CD-ROM).
    3. Take the hard drive out of the Windows 2003 server, and install it as a second hard drive in the Windows XP machine.
    4. Boot the Windows XP machine with the Partition Magic bootable CD-ROM or floppies.

    Partition Magic's DOS-mode partition editor will start up, check the first hard drive in the machine (which is Windows XP), and will run perfectly. Just switch to your second hard drive (the Windows Server 2003 hard drive) to resize the partitions on it.

    After resizing, return the Windows Server 2003 hard drive to the server.

    I've done it this way several times. You can also avoid removing the server hard drive if you take the bootable media of Partition Magic and convert it to a bootable USB key. The system BIOS of most machines, when booting from a USB key, will tag the USB key as the first hard drive in the machine, which hides the Windows Server 2003 installation from Partition Magic and allows it to run.

    In other words, the trick to this is making sure that whatever storage device the BIOS thinks is the "first hard drive" doesn't have a Windows Server installation on it. That is the only check that Partition Magic makes when it starts up that would ordinarily prevent it from running on a server OS.
  5. I have used both acronis true image and easeus partition master server edition to enlarge my win2k3. both of them can done a good job but easeus is cheaper :pt1cable: here is a detailed guide to reallocate windows server 2003 space:
  6. I've been browsing many sites for options regarding resizing a 2003 Server partition safely, and I want to simply suggest that folks beware of EaseUs. You'll see a bunch of one-time posters coming on to these forums, pointing you to hdd-tool, partition-tool, resize-partition-tool, extend-partition, etc. with their fake testimonials and "I found this article" posts.

    I consider this spammy and scammy, and I would use a different tool simply because of this.

    I have no vested interest in any one company or tool, so I won't even suggest one -- I just thought other users should be aware to avoid this very spammy EaseUs firm and the people pushing their products.
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