My New System will NOT recognize CD or CD/DVD drives.

I am building a new computer with an ASUS P5K Deluxe MB, a WD 500GB SATA HD, and one EIDE CD/DVD drive and one EIDE CD drive. When I first booted the computer, it saw the CD Drive, loaded windows XP with no problem. Now I want to load the ASUS drivers, which are on a DVD, so I can get on the internet, etc. I installed a liteon model SHW-160P6S CD/DVD drive. Windows will not detect either cd or cd/dvd drive. The BIOS does not show these drives either. Disk management does not show these drives. How do I get my system to recognize these drives?
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  1. Check your connections. Make sure the jumpers are set right. You probably have them both on master. Read your directions.
  2. Are you using 40 or 80 wire connectors? If 40, use master and slave; if 80, use cable select
  3. I think I have figured it out. My ASUS P5K deluxe MB has an EIDI cable, but it is for a 3 1/2 floppy and not for DVD or CD drives. My MB has six SATA connectors. I will buy a SATA DVD drive and I am sure it will work.
  4. Your board shold have 1 pata and one Floppy. The floppy should be a tad smaller.
  5. I just bought an external USB CD/DVD drive and I have loaded the ASUS drivers. You are correct, and I do have 1 pata cable and one EIDI cable. I have the EIDI cable (slightly larger) connected to my internal EIDI CD and DVD drives and windows nor BIOS will recognize them. I think if I bought a SATA CD/DVD drive, I would be okay unless you know something different?
  6. Try just with the DVD drive and make sure it on master.
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