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Dear techie,s has anyone changed a mobo an still used the original operating system that came with the pc,, using the down loaded pc discs or hard drive,,,, I is thunking that If i am able to to get an exact mobo for my Pi3630 it may do the trick,,, after much serching on the net me thinks that i may lose vista,, :cry: any help pliz.. very dificult to get hold of vista retail at the mo,,,

justone ( very desperate amelio Pi3630 life saver ) marko
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    I have upgraded my system using an OEM version of VISTA - I built a new system and the only parts I reused was the DVD drive, HDD with OS installed, Power supply, mouse and keyboard, and monitor from the old system.

    The old system was a socket 754 AMD 3200+ with a NVidia 7800GS, 2 GB. of DDR400 RAM and the new system was a socket AM3 PII X3 720 with 4 GB. DDR3 1600RAM and a 5770 GPU (so a very different setup !)

    I assembled the system using the old HDD and after assembly just booted into safe mode on the first boot and ran a REPAIR installation from the OEM Vista Disk ( a Repair Install removes all of the system drivers and reexamines the system to add the drivers for the components that it finds during the examination ) -- After the repair install finished I rebooted normally and went into Device manager to ensure there were no problems with devices listed and that no extra devices were left over from the old system - The only other thing I had to do was update some of my shortcuts since some of the drive letters had changed since I also added a new HDD in the upgrade (should have installed it afterwards instead of during the rest of the upgrade to avoid that but only took a little time to update the shortcuts)

    This did make VISTA require reauthentication but all I did was use the Phone activation process and entered the string of numbers\letters that Vista displayed to the Computer and it gave me a response code to enter and everything activated fine - then connected to windows update and got any updates I had missed - and have been using this new system for a year and a half now with no problems.

    So it can be done even when making extreme changes to the system but at times something will go wrong that requires starting over and reinstalling VISTA from scratch (though VISTA and Win7 have a much better success rate than XP ever had using the repair install and if you are merely swapping out for another identical MOBO chances are good it will work successfully since all of the drivers remain the same !) If for some reason you run into problems and VISTA does not want to reactivate usually a call to MS support and explaining that the old MOBO died so you had to replace it will get a new activation code from them (as long as you have a Valid key code and the OEM disc and calmly explain the situation)
  2. Life saver,, thanks for the prompt reply JDFan,, you have given me hope,, :bounce: hopefully I will be able to purchase a mobo with the same spec as the original / nvidia chipsett 630i/ 775 socket// Q83 cpu/ nforce 7100 on board/ realtec sound,,
    my local shop doesn't stock the part, an they seem to be pritty thin on the ground over the net,,,

    I thunks I can ask the local pc stokist to get me one in if its not to pricey,
    I miss the machine like crazy,, It was very quite compared with the new one.. and the case is rock solid. no OEM DISC PROVIDED :cry:

    Once again thank you,,

    justone ( searching for mobe ) marko,,
  3. and God bless,,,
  4. Hi all.. Alelluia,, Bless the Lord,, I have just been offered a Ga 73pvm s2 mobo from the locall pc shoppi,, dont know where he got it from,, I only asked him the day before if they could source me one and they said that the mobo wsa to old with n old chipsett so it would be highly unlikely that they could.. an then the 2 days later in my email shot from the shopie they had one on special offer Xstock... I is jumping jehosphat for joy,, been tryin to get holld of one for 3 weeks.. so then very little change to the old pc, 2years oldi HaHa.. but the mobo an chips are 3y+.. so nextweek I pickup mobo some new ddr2 800 an some thermal paste swop the bit and do the tricks,,

    Hopefull all will run smoothe as melted icecream in a heatwave... I might just have that new nvidia 450 grfiks card with the change left over,,

    God willing I will keep you informed of the end product.
    justone ( bless pc referbisher ) marko
  5. Hi Tom's hardware an JDFan, thanks for your help,,, specialy JDfan,, after reading Jds reply I decided to go the mobo replacement rout an managed to purchase a GA 73pvm mobo ex stock , no driver disc or booklets,,, took the old mobo out an put the new mobo in with all the bits, cpu, cooling, ram, etc,, afterdown loading the specs from gigabyte site, wired it up and swithced on,, before the swop I had given the pc a clean start without the graphics card an so no gt96oo drivers,, I removed the realtech driver for the on board sound card as the new mobo had a different sound capabilities,,, I pluged in the cables an switched on an the mobo booted up,, vista stalled a bit an had a thunk :heink: ,, an then glory be to God,, the new hardware bit came up an detected new hardware,,, downloading drivers and then a restart,, during the restart the pc froze an then a grey screen :cry: :cry: ,, so after about five minets I rebooted an still the grey screen.. :cry: I thunked that it was dead,, :whistle: 1am in the morning , left the pc on an gave up, went to bed :sleep: ,, woke up ate 6.30 am approx went to see the pc an :love: ther she wasup an running ,, a lovely picture,,, :bounce: :) Vista is saved ,,, strait from the HDD,,

    All the utilities from the fugitsu seimens diddnt work so I deleted them, an all is Alelluia, I still wonder what the grey screen was all about,,,

    thanks for the encouragement JDfan an Mr tom's,, conclusion ,, no discs required or product key to save vista OEM,,, ( I do have the product key )..

    justone ( saved £120 on on a new OS ) marko : :wahoo: ;) SOZ just noticed vista requires product key activation,, so I put in the product key from the little sticker on the pc case an vista is activated.. all done..
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  7. Good to hear that all went well -- be sure to go into Device Manager and look through it to see if there are any of those old yellow warning boxes saying that some driver isn't working properly and delete\reinstall any if needed (looks like you already did that for the sound driver and video card so that might be the only ones but best to check to make sure.

    The grey screen was probably Windows noticing the changes and running a repair to install the proper chipset drivers etc. (MS has gotten pretty good at getting VISTA to fix itself when needed )
  8. Well JDfan I is still trying to save vista,, all looked well when i got a screen and it seemed to run fairly smooth,, alittle flicker around the edges of the windows,,, then I decided it was time to add a Geforce 450 card,, I ran the system for about 4 dayds without add on gpu,, np real ptoblems noticed, no yellow boxes anywhere, no errors spotted,, I thunked all was well :sol:
    I added gf 450 an d ran a game, Halo2, and it froze, so ctrl, alt, del to get out and had another try,, same after about five mins,, so try a lighter game, unreal tornament iii, same hapens system freezes,, and sometimes crashes,, widows box cums up, exit game's,,, called techies at CCl, where I purchased gpu card,, mobo with no drivers cd or booklets, :cry: a returned mobo me thunks,,,an ddr2 800 4gb ram,, we stress tested the system with furmark and burnintest,, all semed fine whilst using these tests no freezing or coruped screen,, as in the games, :pt1cable: ..
    so he came with the conclusion that the soft ware is corrupted or missing an informed me that I should do a compleat install,, which means that i may still loose vista from the hard drive,, I am unable at this time to repair the fault with the pc.. It all started with the old mobo unable to notice the 9600gt card,, so new 650w psu, mobo, ram, an lots of tidying up in the case with the cables, an days an nights of effort, sweat an tears, :??: I may just loose sight of the bjective which was to try to repair the system without using a disc for vist, which i dont have.. using wahts on the hdd, an the product key.. I understand that if the opperating system is damaged a disc will be the only way to repair it,, an start fron scratch downloading all the drivers again,, something i am not looking forward to,, so i am still trying to repair the system using ccleaner, an checking the system for errors an repair with vista, an defrag,, all runs well untill i put a game on.. so bless the Lord anyway.. I will put a few mor hours of work into the project,, I don't want to give up at this stage :sweat: :pfff: thankyou once again..
    Justone ( frustrated and tired ) marko .. further updates to come,, why cant I send this post???
  9. Sign in sleepy head, thts why..
  10. Might also want to try downloading the DirectX runtime library from Microsoft and reinstall DirectX (it will replace any corrupted DirectX files that might help with the games)
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