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i downloaded a torrent named batman arkham city . It meant that it was just a batman arkham city game
and i started the download , using utorrent .

but when it had completed only around 10% in 28 hours , i checked download location and found that along with batman arkham city modern warfare 3 was also downolading .

i cant understand why the other game was also there , is there any way to stop the unwanted game from that torrent ? i cant try another torrent coz it has completed 10% .is there any way to stop downloading
the unwanted game and just donwload the wanted thing ?
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    You DO realize that what you're doing is called software piracy and is illegal?

    You DO realize we don't assist people with the commission of crimes, right?

    You want to play B: AC, go buy a legit copy. :fou:
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