How much power will this setup need?

Q6600 / Abit IP35 Pro / 4gb Corsair XMS DDR2 800 / 1x 74gb Raptor / 1x 500gb Caviar / Xfi Game Xtream...

I was looking at this 700w OCZ

Newegg has a combo with the AntecP182 case and the antec True Power 1kw, I know that would be overkill.

How much wattage should I be looking for?

I currently have a 500w Enermax Liberty. Will that suffice?
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  1. What GPU? The GPU could easily be the largest factor.

    However, the 500w Enermax might suffice.
    I know the 450w Corsair would be fine.
    However, I don't know the Enermax off the top of my head.
  2. DUH!!! sorry. 1x 8800gtx vanilla

    thx for the reply
  3. I have been advised that the amps on your 12V rails are more important than total watts.

    get a good quality 650 or 700 watt PSU with at least 50 amps on the 12V rails. I have this system:
    2 gig ram
    asus striker extreme
    xfi extreme gamer
    2x 8800 gts 320 OC
    2 hdd's
    5 or more case fans
    and of course the cpu fan, my PSU has 2 fans etc.
    and my PSU:
    silverstone s12 80+ 650 W is running it great: 52 amps on the 12V rails (or so they claim, i have not measured).

    So go for quality and not quantity: I paid $180CDN for the PSU (almost a year ago).

  4. if you buy a high quality PSU now then it will last for more than one rig (hopefully)
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