Do you prefer any particular make???


Im thinking about getting rid of my old memory and getting some DDR2 6400 ones. My question is quite simple. Are there any makes that I should stay away from and are there any makes that are really well worth the money they charge?

Just wondering if Geil is any good? ->

by the way, im looking to get 2gb so any links to offers or recommendations would be appreciated :) (I live in the UK, so UK links would probably be best :ange: )
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  1. Corsair




    All these are great sets for around $60.

    Also check out this article. It is old so all the prices are wrong but the results are what matters.

    Overclocking 9 Value-Priced DDR2-800 Kits

    For what is worth I have the corsair and it is great. Also of note, the patriot has built in timings for 1066mhz at 5-5-5-15 with 800mhz pricing
  2. So much for UK links! LOL
  3. my bad, I missed that part. What online dealer is popular in the UK?
  4. generally ebuyer, dabs, amazon, overclockers....and some others who's names i am forgetting. But i'll have a look and compare the ones you mentioned with their counterparts in the UK.

    Also should i stay away from that Geil one? cause its going fairly cheap here.
  5. This one :


    This one:

    As you can see I dont really wanna spend more than £50 :P

    Oh and mobo only supports upto DDR2 667 (for the time being) so these will still work right? They will just work at 667 right?
  6. yes i think they will work @ 667 , the OCZ one looks better go for that
  7. kewl

    you got to admit the dragons look cool though LOL!
  8. Yes, the Dragons look cool, but looks aren't everything. At the same time, I didn't see anything that said the Geil ram wasn't good. Like in the Tom's article, it wasn't among those tested, so nothing either good or bad is said about it. That said, since your motherboard only supports up to 667, then they are wasted.

    For the record, I have OCZ in my second computer and its working very well, so I could give it a personal recommendation.
  9. sailer said:
    That said, since your motherboard only supports up to 667, then they are wasted.

    yeah, but they would only be wasted a few months as i plan to change my mobo in december any way.

    so far:

    OCZ 2
    Geil 0
  10. Okay found 2 more good deals...i think

    I can get one of the following aswell, so take a pick and let me know which one would be best.

    1- Crucial ballistix 2gb (BL2KIT12864AA804) for £53


    2- Corsair XMS2 2gb (TWIN2X2048-6400) for £58
  11. both are good , i love OCZ , CRUCIAL , CORSAIR :D , u wont be wrong with either of them
  12. I have Corsair XMS in my gaming computer and its good as well, perhaps a touch better than the OCZ. You won't go wrong with either. At the same time, if you do change the motherboard, than the Geil looks good. Flip a coin, buy what has the best timings, and go gaming.

    Having trouble with a coin flip and three choices? When I used to sail out of San Fransisco, I'd flip a coin; heads and I'd go north, tails and I'd go south, on the edge and Hawaii here I come. OK, never did go to Hawaii.
  13. I agree, all the memory choices are good. go with whatever brand has the quickest timings.
  14. I decided to get the crucial one cause it was only £52 and has a timing of 4-4-4-12

    I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  15. okay question time :D

    i got the crucial one and its normal speed is 800mhz..going upto 1000 if its overclocked. Howeveererer since my mobo only supports upto 667 thats the max i can set. Sooooo....should I set it at 667....or do I leave it on auto?

    Reason I ask is because when i set it on auto it doesnt even pick the fastest the mobo can support but rather it falls to 533. Im guessing it does that to maintain a 1:1 ration with my cpu (e6600 @stock 2.4 ghz 266 fsb) Would i correct in assuming this? Should I just leave it at this setting then cause i dont really plan to overclock anything just now any way?
  16. You need to manually change the settings in BIOS for the ram timings. Seems like AUTO should figure that out for itself. Perhaps when you get around to buying the new motherboard it will do this, though I wouldn't count on it.
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