Cannot Delete The Directory Is Not Empty

This problem started about 2 weeks ago. I have a Dell Computer. I store iTunes, excel, Word files and my external drive (E)

This is the sticker on my drive (E)
P/N: 31770000
One day I was deleting my folder “Bob” from (E) so that I could paste the up-dated folder "Bob". Folder "Bob" did delete and it's name was changed to When I tried to delete, a message came back: Cannot Delete Directory not empty. So I opened in that folder was I got to folder xxx and a message came up: Drive E not formatted, would you like to format it now? [YES or NO] I selected No. I don’t want lose the one iTune that I can’t transfer from E drive to C drive. That is something I did not mention. I’m sure that it is not important. I was going take everything out of drive E and put it on drive C. I wanted to attempt fixing this problem by reformatting drive E. This one iTune does not transfer onto drive C and is no longer available. Does any one have an idea how to fix drive drive E- get rid of
Thank you.

This is the stickers on my tower.
Sticker 1:
Window XP Professional 1-2CPU
(Bar Code) 0932HY
Product Code: Deleted
(Bar Code) 00045-465-802-231

Sticker 2:
Service Tag: Deleted
Express Service Code: Deleted
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  1. admins - remove this mans product code!!

    Bob - you don't need to post the product code or your service tag information with these requests. have you tried to connect your external drive to another machne and done a virus scan on it?
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