Firefox bookmarks dont get copied from ''Profiles'' folder

Hello, I recently got an issue where videos on internet are blanked out. So I figured, I'd reinstall firefox. I copied my ''profiles'' folder as backup. Now that I have re-installed Firefox, the bookmarks don't get added even though I put copy the backup profile folder into the original folder.

I would be sad to lose all of my bookmarks. Anyone know perhaps a solution?
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  1. where did you get the "profiles" folder? cause i cant find any on my machine.
    the appropriate way to backup your bookmarks in FF is to press "Shift+Ctrl+B" then select "All bookmarks" then "Import and Backup" option on top > "Backup" now it will save it in JSON format, after the reinstalling you can import the file the same steps but instead of backup choose "Restore" then "choose file"

    with new versions of FF they provide Online Sync, it will sync your bookmarks / addons / passwords ... etc, to do it go to "Options" then "Sync" tab, create an new account with preferred sync settings.
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