First timer newb help

This will be my first atempt at oc. With my machine I got about 2 years ago, they say its supossedly easy to oc safely.

asus a8nsli23 deluxe
athalon 4800 cpu
7800 gforce 256 meg
2 gig conair 3500 430 ram

The first thing I tryed via the mb manual, I got black screen. So I figured there must be a better way. Ive been doing searches for help and getting none. Any advice for this particular config?

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  1. read the guides, they will get you on your way
    forum overclocking, guide oc athlon
  2. BIOS is the best way.

    Something went wrong and you might of changed too much.

    Change ONE thing at a time until you know what you are doing and are more comfortable with it.
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