Speakers and microphone not working vista

I'm using Windows Vista unfortunately and following an automatic update I lost the use of my speakers and mic from the line in jacks...the USB speakers work. The line in speakers are working fine with other computers. The front and back jacks are both affected by this. System restore and updating the sound drivers hasn't helped. Any ideas?
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  1. Hi, unfortunately i haven't got a solution for you, but i have found this thread on Google after having the exact same problem. After a windows update yesterday my speakers and headphone jack stopped working. I don't have any USB speakers, but the sound works if i connect the laptop to my TV with HDMI.

    I'm using an ASUS laptop with Windows Vista. I hope somebody has a solution for this problem.
  2. Hmm, restarting the laptop for a second time seems to have helped :)
  3. It's definately something to do with windows update...it was following an update a while ago that I lost sound and mic functionality...I half hoped the next update would sort it...but it's been a while now and it's really getting irritating. Any ideas anyone??
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