Pentium 630 ... Dual core?

Hey guyz... Got an interesting question.
Is the 630 a dual core?
It's been on the shelf for the last 3 months.
We finally got the vid and ram yesterday...put the system together and loaded xp pro.
Check the health in bios for half an hour to see where the cpu sat at...about 38 c.
When running some typical tests I noticed the system was quite responsive...even though I knew the 630 is suppose to be an average cpu.
Check the cpu usage under task manager and low and behold it's showing two cores at 3.0 GHZ.....
Checked the device manager and it too shows two cores at 3.0 GHZ stepping 10....
Is there a posibility that this chip was capped wrong at the factory, or not detuned for the 630 line?

Here's the setup:
Foxconn p915A01 motherboard
Intel pentium 630
Kingston 1GB DDRII 667
Radeon 1650 pro 512 pci-e vid card
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  1. nooo sorry its not to cores, its showing 2 cores in task manager becuase the hyper-threading feature intel uses acts as a virtual second core, so windows thinks there is 2, even though there is only physicaly 1.
  2. my friend has one and runs it 24/7 with no ill effects(stock heatsink and all) long as you clean the heatsink every(the only time it will be a problem is if its is solid with dust...) 6 months or so depending on use it will be fine...

    But sadly its not dual core....just HT playing mind games on you....
  3. My e4300 was only a mild upgrade from my P4 630, though...It opens OpenOffice much faster, and also encodes/decodes faster, but you don't really notice the difference any other time...

    Oh, with both on the same motherboard, and DDR2 800.

    The 630 was a great processor. Too darn hot, though.
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