Automatic connection to wireless at startup

When I turn on my labtop it doesn't automatic connect to my wireless. The router is Linksys wireless-G 2,4 GHz.
Can anyone help me with the set up?
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  1. Did you mean ad hoc (PC-PC) network? Since Windows Vista, 7 it is not able to connect automatically to ad hoc network. There is a couple of articles about how to connect to ad hoc network in Vista, Windows 7. It uses windows scheduler, but this solution not works for me just because you can't run scheduler every min, if other computer/printer or any other device was connected a bit later, for example. So I recommend you some specialized tool. Maxidix Wifi Suite, for examle can do it (my choice), and everything works as I would like it to. Here is short video, and here is download link Wish I help you.
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