Quality of LAN on Asus P5K vs. P5K-E

I’m considering buying an Asus mobo and have a questions about LAN:

The plain ASUS P5K has

”PCIe Gb LAN controller featuring AI NET2”

whereas the P5K-E version has

”Gigabit LAN controllers, featuring AI NET2 Marvell88E8056® PCI-E Gigabit LAN controllers."

I was just wondering how big a difference this makes in everyday use. Is the LAN on the P5K-E faster, more reliable, etc.? (E.g. will I get my ^ss kicked in online gaming with the vanilla P5K?) :)
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  1. You would not possibly be able to notice a difference between any on-board NIC or any $300 Gaming NIC you could buy.

    Even if your PC was a server handling 100s or 1000s of different sessions, it would be tough to tell. For a stand-along box, it is definitely not something to worry about.
  2. Thanks guys.

    Supremelaw, what difference have you detected? (In favour of what NIC, what exactly was the difference?)
  3. Thanks, Paul.
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