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Decided to upgrade our Belkin G router to a D-link N after having trouble going thru a brick wall in our house producing slow speed on my laptop. The D-Link N software said to run it before installing the new router. But also to disconnect from the current wireless Belkin G and hook directly from the DSL modem to the PC ethernet connection. I did this but could not get a connection. Humm, bad PCI NIC card perhaps? Noticed the internet lamp on the DSL modem was not lit. So I hooked the Belkin G router up again and presto connected on the desktop and my laptop. I figured that perhaps somthing in the Belkin G was correcting whatever pci card ect the problem was. I was able to download the Dlink software to my desktop pc "nonwireless" using a dialup connection and connect the new Dlink N router. My computer and laptop both saw the new router but still no internet connection. Once again put the old Belkin G router back on and got an internet connection. Additional information. I shut down and restarted each time I connected. Even tried different sequences turning dsl modem waiting, then router waiting then pc. Anyone have any ideal? I may just be stuck with the old Belkin G. Hey at least I can get online... But really would like a stronger connection when surfing on my laptop,
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  1. Your Belkin router is probably making a PPPOE connection to your DSL provider. Login to the Belkin and check the Internet (or WAN) connection type.

  2. if you use a standard adsl over a bt line (in the uk) i think it needs to be a pppoa
    oh and make sure your using the right capitalisation as some isps are finnerky about stuff like that.
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