is my power supply going out?

I wonder if my PS is going out. Its the original antec 450w that came in my Sonata II case and recently has been acting kinda funny when I need to turn on my computer. I have to push the button 3 or 4 times to get it to start. Each time it acts like its going to start but nothing except the LED's on my board actually comes on. I added a couple of hard drives a little while back and thought that the PS could be getting over drawn on current because I had 2 80's in RAID0, a 500gb and a 320gb (all Seagates) as well as one DVD burner drive, X2 4200+, a 7900GT (no heavy overclock), Audigy2 ZS sound card, and 2 gigs patriot RAM all running on an EPOX-9npaj+Ultra board (NF4 Ultra chipset) with no overclocking. I recently decided to take out the 320GB and use it in an external enclosure and instead substituted an 80GB SATA laptop drive (Seagate also) in place of it thinking this would lighten the load. At first it definitely made a difference and the computer started normally. The last couple of days though it has started what it was doing before where I have to push the power button 3 or 4 times before it comes on fully and actually starts up. I would just run it until its dead but I fear it might kill my board/components and I need this computer to last at least another year. What do you guys think, is it time for a new PS or could it be something else?

Your replies are greatly appreciated
Thank you
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  1. Just had to replace the original PSU from a Sonata II, could very well be the problem. Could try it in another computer or better yet, try a different one in that machine. I ended up getting the Antec HE 550, module cabling is really nice
  2. That has to be the PSU. If it turns on then off, I'm pretty sure that is the PSU. If it isn't...motherboard maybe?
  3. yes... the PS u have is just crap... i never use the PS that comes with a case...go get u a 500w or better...u can get some good ones for around 60 will save u a lot of head ake...o and problems with failing PS can mess up ur other i would suggest doing that asap...
  4. Take off all the hard drives you do not use....see if it gets better.....also, how fast do the fans(PSU) spin?
    does the rear one come on(this happens anywhere over half load)?

    When i had that PSU it ran:

    E6600 @ 2.93
    4 HDD's (2 seagate 2 WDC)
    1 DVD burner
    X1900XT (now that just eats power)
    Audigy 2Zs
    WinTV PVR 250
    2 120mm fans
    2 92mm fans

    Since i doubt those psu's are made any more if you can RMA it you may get something from the earthwatts line....
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