The PC that mad-dog built

These are my system specs...........
This is my version of a budget system,
simple all-purpose rig that does what it's told,
No overclocking, 3DMark06-8771
Boot time to loaded desk-top in 1.23 minutes

Case: Thermaltake full-tower
I set mine up with a pair of 120mm fans in the front,
the chimney vent has a 120mm fan, another 120mm fan on the back wall,
above that is a 90mm fan drawing air thru the removeable HDD cage.

PSU: FSP Group 700W
I can't describe how reliable and solid this PSU is,
I don't have to worry each time i boot the system,
It works long, hot days and never complains.

Motherboard: ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe
There's a reason this motherboard was elected 2x winner of customer choice award.

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHz
I've always had good-luck with AMD, there are better choices but it works just fine for me,
waiting on K10 prices before upgrading to the 6400+ 3.2GHz version.

CPU Cooler: ThermalRight Ultra-120 Extreme
It's big and ugly but it's the next best thing to water,
Yet another 120mm fan as the Heat-Sink does not include one.

RAM: Geil 4 x 512MB DDR2-800
Runs Cool and quiet, 1.8V RAM, works great.

EVGA has a great step-up program, plays all my graphics-intensive
flight-sims with settings maxed out.

GPU Cooler: ThermalRight HR-03+
This is nothing more than a HR-03 with 2 more heat-pipes and larger mounting block.
Chalk up a 92mm fan to supplement the awesome cooling power.

HDD: A pair of Seagate 320's in RAID 1
These are so nice that I'm adding a second pair and reconfiguring for RAID (0+1).

Monitor: Viewsonic VA1912wb
Very similar to mine, great picture, built-in speakers.

Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse
Keys and board are backlit using blue LED's.

Mouse: Logitech 2-button optical
Nothing fancy, old-reliable, goes where you point it.

Total Fans: 9, 5-120mm, 3-90mm, 1-92mm not including PSU fan @120mm

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP/2
Switching to Vista Ultimate when DirectX-10 is more prevalent in gaming software.
What can i say about Bill Gates that you don't already know

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  1. maybe there isn't something I don't know
  2. And what is budget about the system? How much did you spend? Nice parts, but I'm sure that there are better rigs for less, not trying to rain on your parade, but that's the facts.
  3. It's all your Intel lover's fault that Intel is posting the new cpus & perhaps jacking up the prices of the high-end quads due to no competition. *sarcasm*

    Looks like a very good build.
  4. I think you guys are 2 months too late...
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