2 GTS 640s vs. 1 GTX on a 24" widescreen....

I'm sure this has been asked before, and yes, I am way too lazy to search for it. Having said that, is SLI really worth it for a monitor of that size? Aside from larger resolutions, are there any other tangible advantages to SLI over a faster single card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. you'll be better off with 1 gtx.
  2. agreed, one gtx is faster
  3. 1 high performance graphics card will almost always outperform two lesser cards. There are several bottleneck issues with dual cards that prevent the full capability of the cards from being utilized.
  4. The GTS pair is faster. However, I'd recommend the single GTX. You don't really need more than the GTX can give, on that monitor. For best results, get an eVGA 680 A1 motherboard and a single 8800 GTX, maybe overclocked (BFG OC2 or whatever). Then use that for a few months. If you decide you need more power, you'll be able to buy a second (and cheaper) 8800 GTX, and the GTX SLI will kick the a$$ of the GTS SLI :)
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