Overclock E2180 with GigaByte P35-DS3L

My new PC configuration is:
GigaByte P35-DS3L Rev.2.0
DDR2 2GB RAM(800MHz)
Galaxy GTS8600
Intel E2180

Overclock with
FSB = 300, CPU = 10x 300= 3GHz, Memory speed = 750Mhz (2.5 x 300)
CPU voltage = 1.35V

Whenever I changed the BIOS setting, the computer will shut down and cannot be started until I disconnected the power cable, reconnect it and press the power button. If the computer can be started, the overclocked computer can run smoothly over 2 days with stressing program running. However, when I normally shut it down and it cannot be started until I disconnect the power cable and reconnect it. I have tried increasing different voltages and same problem appears. Does anybody know what is happening? I have changed the power supply and the motherboard with the dealer. The same problem happens.
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