Boot CD to flash P5S800-VM BIOS

I have an ASUS P5S800-VM. I flashed the BIOS to the latest and it didn't work properly. I used the ASUS Windows program. In order to go back to the earlier BIOS it says I must used the DOS software.

How the heck do I make a DOS boot disk? I don't need a gazillion applications. All I need is to get to a dos prompt and run the BIOS update program.

I've tried things like Ultimate Boot CD, but can't figure out how to actually make them work and I don't need all that additional crap.
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  1. You can download a boot-floppy image here:
  2. That will not work as I don't know anyone with a floppy drive. When you download that it makes right onto a floppy. Atleast the ones I've got from there. I wish I could just extract to my hard drive and burn to CD.
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