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Hi all,

I have plans buying a SSD but wondered how Norton Ghost will perform in my case. On my Dell XPS m1330 I have Windows 7, Mac OSX and Ubuntu installed and I'm really worried especially about the Mac as it wasn't that easy to install that..

I was wondering if any of you has experience know if it will be safe to copy the whole disk with Norton Ghost (or any other software) and that software will preserver all boot options (MBR + all the subsequent loaders) ?

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  1. actually it is recommended not to clone a traditional HDD to an SSD. for optimum performance you want to do a fresh install on the SSD. also instead of Norton Ghost check out Clonezilla.
  2. Thanks nhasian, I'm gonna check that as well.

    I was also thinking that it would be really hard to replicate all the boot loaders..
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